Bear Clan

November 2021 

WTEP members attended a Zoom gathering with Bear Clan Calgary organized by the Alberta Assembly of Social Workers in collaboration with WTEP and other organizations. The words and thoughts expressed at this event have motivated us to share what we have learned and to seek your support for Bear Clan.

Numerous Bear Clan volunteers spoke and from then we learned that Bear Clan is far more than a group providing basic needs to the vulnerable in Calgary. They are a vibrant volunteer community group who have people’s best interests front and center in their work.

Bear Clan is about:

• Indigenous teachings to protect everyone and connect to the next generation

• People-to-people connections

• Spiritual connections

• Culture, language, songs and medicines

• Compassionate care and kindness – actually talking with people –recognizing that the vulnerable are someone else’s son or daughter, aunt or uncle, mother or father

• Gifting to others of food, water, clothing, etc

• A family with lived experience of unhoused and struggling with addictions and mental health issues

• Searching for the missing

• Assisting with access to shelters and detox centres, carrying NARCAN to save lives

• Community building 

• Taking action

o Edmonton Bear Clan convinced Edmonton City Council that the unhoused should be allowed to use transit shelters to get out of the cold

o Urging the Edmonton Police to carry NARCAN with them. Calgary Police has a better record than Edmonton Police for carrying NARCAN

• Providing a model for what community safety can look like –safety by the people for the people– a model for defunding the police

• Collaborating with other groups like WarShield, Water Warriors, Sober Crew, AIM

• Advocating for the implementation of Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action 39-41 as well as the Calls to Justice from the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women’s Report

What you can do to support Bear Clan’s critical work in our community:

Bear Clan wants to provide 1000 hampers of various sizes during the 2021 holiday season.

• Contact Bear Clan (email below)  to assist with the packing and/or delivery of hampers

• Spread the word via email and social media

• Send money via eTransfer to Bear Clan or via

• or send a cheque for Bear Clan made out to WTEP and we will send the money on to Bear Clan

o WTEP c/o 39 – 4th St. N.E. T2E 3R6

• Contact Bear Clan to drop off gently used or new:

o Winter hats , gloves, scarfs

o Winter jackets 

o Hoodies

o Warm socks

o Sleeping bags and/or emergency blankets

o Air mattresses

• Send a monetary gift to Bear Clan by ordering Orange Shirt and Red Dress decals from Chance Bellegarde. Chance accepts e-transfers and directs all funds to the Calgary Bear Clan. Please indicate that the money sent is a gift, not a donation. The decals can be picked up at Chance’s in North Haven. Email him for details and


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