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Here are some campaigns we are involved in and/or support.

January 16th, 2023: from the Migrants Rights Network

Without permanent immigration status, migrants continue to face exploitation, abuse and death. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. One week from today, Prime Minister Trudeau and all federal Ministers will begin meeting in Hamilton. At that meeting, they have two choices: (1) They can decide to agree in principle to creating a regularization program and schedule one last meeting to finalize the plan or (2) they can continue to schedule meetings and discuss for months, watering down proposals and excluding people. Delays mean death. 

This is a crucial week. If you and your friends take action, we could get Ministers to decide on an inclusive program for permanent resident status for all undocumented people very soon. 

Each and every one of the 38 Ministers in Canada need to hear from you. Here’s how:

Collective action works. Abu’s deportation was overturned just a few hours before he was set to be removed on New Year’s Day. Fatumah’s deportation was stopped and she was granted permanent resident status just days after. Both Abu and Fatumah had fought alongside thousands of others to demand status for themselves and status for all. [**]. 

When we are strategic, organized and brave, we will succeed.

Please take action right now. Click here to get a summary of plans and share with your friends: https://migrantrights.ca/cabinetretreat/

Together, we will win.

June 8th, 2022: KEEP McKENNA HEALTHY: STOP THE DEPORTATION OF VANGIE AND MCKENNA ROSE letter-writing campaign and petition by Migrante Canada

Dear Migrante Members, friends and allies,

Migrante Canada is calling on your support for our urgent campaign ‘KEEP McKENNA HEALTHY: STOP THE DEPORTATION OF VANGIE AND MCKENNA ROSE.

Vangie and her Canadian-born daughter will be deported to the Philippines on July 8. Vangie have been in Canada as a migrant worker since 2010. Despite the abuse that she experienced with her past employers, Vangie persevered. She worked hard to support her special child and she is active in the community supporting other migrant workers. 

McKenna is a 6-year old special happy girl. This year she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), behavioral conditions that requires special attention and minimal stress especially at her age. 

We need to support the Canadian-born child McKenna and her mom Vangie from being deported. That’s not fair. Take action now to keep McKenna and Vangie in her community. Send a letter to the Ministers right now. Time is running out and they need to hear from you.

Take Action Now! We are calling on Ministers Marco Mendicino and Sean Fraser to stop their deportation, and grant them permanent resident status through their pending humanitarian and compassionate application.

To support this campaign:

·      Starting tomorrow, Monday, June 6 at 9am MST, 11 am EST and 8 am PST we will have letter writing blast to Ministers Marco Mendicino and Sean Fraser demanding to let McKenna and Vangie stay. (Please do not send the letter before tomorrow)

·       Please click the link below to sign the petition. https://www.migrantealberta.ca/stopthedeportation

·       Please send it to 10 or more of your friends and  and get them to support the campaign and sign the petition

We will send you further updates on the campaign. We thank you for your support.


Nova Porquia

Vice Chair, Migrante Alberta


January 11th, 2022: Justice for Palestinians letter-writing campaign regarding the Green Line construction

Dear Friends and Caring Calgarians:

Do you want our City to be tied to a multinational corporation that is aiding and abetting apartheid and war crimes?
If not, we ask you to write to the Mayor, your city councillor, the Green Line Board and other officials.
In Nov. 2021, Mayor Gondek announced that the contract for building the light rail vehicles for Calgary’s Green Line was awarded to CAF. BUT there’s a big problem with that. 
CAF is a Spanish transnational corporation that is also contracted to build tramlines for Jerusalem Light Rail into Occupied Palestinian Territories linking illegal “Jewish only” Israeli settlements–condemned as a war crime under international law. 
By CAF joining in this consortium of UN-listed companies violating International law, and facilitating the suppression of Palestinian Human Rights, CAF has made themselves complicit in these crimes and have put profits before human rights. 
Do we want our city tied to these crimes by contracting CAF?
Attached are the following to help you write your letter:
  * a sample letter with your email list for the mayor, all Ward councillors and Green Line officials
  *a backgrounder fact sheet detailing the issue for your information
We are demanding that the City of Calgary either withdraw their contract with CAF based on their human rights, ethics and international law violations, or make the contract conditional on CAF pulling out of the Israeli apartheid rail project in illegally occupied Palestinian territory.
Write and send your letter today! The City needs to hear our voices now!

Justice for Palestinians, Calgary; BDS Action Calgary

November 27th/21: 2 Campaigns by ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) – acorncanada.org


Sign the petition: https://nwmd.io/s/email/ZhQ4AzjEHPXqQ2urLbI=/r


Sign the petition: https://nwmd.io/s/email/ZhQ0ADXEHPXqQ2urK7U=/r


• Un-housed community members, most of whom are Indigenous, have been literally left out in the winter cold for weeks, living in dehumanizing conditions in a field.
Read here: https://www.aptnnews.ca/national-news/tensions-rise-in-wetaskiwin-after-homeless-shelter-closes/
Read here: https://globalnews.ca/news/8367444/wetaskiwin-homeless-camp-conditions-november-2021/
• Many community members, leaders and organizations who offered solidarity and worked to address the right to housing and supports were met with “policies and by-laws” and repressive tactics and harassment meant to terminate their efforts and isolate those whose housing and services rights were unmet.
Read here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alta-rural-homelessness-1.6210778
• The horrific treatment of primarily Indigenous people in Wetaskiwin is part of a long-standing pattern of colonization, racism and classism, and contravenes the International Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, to which Canada is a signatory.
Read here: Government of Canada introduces legislation respecting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

  1. The immediate provision of high standard permanent shelter options accessible around the clock and a
    committed plan to establish housing solutions as a human right.
  2. The immediate provision of professional wrap-around services guided by and in consultation with
    Indigenous Elders, leaders and organizations.
  3. An end to the harassment of un-housed community members and those supporting them.
  4. Anti-racism, decolonization and human rights training for member of Wetaskiwin City Council, RCMP and
    all other relevant personnel interacting with the un-housed population.
    Injustice thrives when people remain silent (MLK). Email, phone or write the elected officials who are responsible, which includes all 3 levels of government:
    ▪ Wetaskiwin Mayor and Council Members
    ▪ The Alberta Minister of Indigenous Relations Rick Wilson (also MLA for region)
    ▪ Member of Parliament Mike Lake
    Spread the word through your social media platforms and email lists and ask people to take action now to demand Housing and Service Rights in Wetaskiwin and Everywhere.
    The Coalition for Housing Rights in Wetaskiwin is an anti-racist decolonial movement.

November 24/21: BEAR CLAN

What you can do to support Bear Clan’s critical work in our community:

Bear Clan wants to provide 1000 hampers of various sizes during the 2021 holiday season.

• – Contact Bear Clan (email below) to assist with the packing and/or delivery of hampers

•- Spread the word via email and social media

•- Send money via eTransfer to Bear Clan bearclanyyc@gmail.com or via assemblyofsw@gmail.com

• or send a cheque for Bear Clan made out to WTEP and we will send the money on to Bear Clan

to: WTEP c/o 39 – 4th St. N.E. T2E 3R6

•- Contact Bear Clan at bearclanyyc@gmail.com to drop off gently used or new:

o Winter hats , gloves, scarfs

o Winter jackets 

o Hoodies

o Warm socks

o Sleeping bags and/or emergency blankets

o Air mattresses

• – Send a monetary gift to Bear Clan by ordering Orange Shirt and Red Dress decals from Chance Bellegarde. Chance accepts e-transfers ands directs all funds to the Calgary Bear Clan. Please indicate that the money sent is a gift, not a donation. The decals can be picked up at Chance’s in North Haven. Email him for details and eTransfer redmanwoodworksyyc@gmail.com


Support Vaccines for Seasonal Agricultural Workers

WTEP is supporting the Mexican Association of Calgary in their efforts to make Covid vaccines available and accessible to temporary migrant farm workers in Alberta.
See CBC link for details about the situation.

A summary of demands is as follows:

• The prioritization of temporary agricultural workers in the vaccine roll out

• The AB government coordinate with employers to arrange workers’ transportation to a vaccination centre or to work with Alberta Health to provide mobile vaccine clinics at places of employment

• That information regarding the vaccines and where workers can be vaccinated is distributed in the language of the farmworkers

• That workers do not lose pay for the time spent getting vaccinated. 

Take note that the government is saying that it is moving on this issue but we think they need to be accountable and transparent about what concrete steps they are taking to get vaccines to these workers and they need to have timelines. You might ask for these also.

Here is a list of email addresses.

  • We will ask that if you have the time, please write letters to the Editor of different newspapers
  • If you can, please email the following Government Officials, you can send them the articles, our letter or your own opinion on the issue. The more we email the better:

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Voices of the Oppressed: Police Brutality educational experience at Poppy Plaza, 1111 Memorial Drive NW

Voices of the Oppressed: Police Brutality Tickets, Sun, 23 May 2021 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite

Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/309409577253908

Inclusive Canada is teaming up with friends ARC Vancouver for ‘Voices of the Oppressed: Police Brutality,’ an event aimed to bring communities together in solidarity and provide an educational experience to help people better understand the importance of defunding the police in order to refund our communities, and what a police-free future could look like if our current grassroots structures were better supported. Some of the topics you can expect to learn about include mutual aid, mental health, harm reduction, community safety, decriminalization, and Queer community support.

Oppose the K-6 Curriculum

Petition · Adriana LaGrange: Albertans against the proposed new K-6 curriculum · Change.org

Change the Name of Langevin School

Petition · Board of Trustees: Rename the CBE Langevin Science School in order to stop honoring racist colonial policies · Change.org